herceptin number 9

Okay so today I hit the mid point in herceptin. I have done 9 so I have 9 to go. Today I didn’t want to go—didn’t want to sit there—funny how the body and the mind conspire sometimes. I mean, really it is no big deal to do the herceptin…It takes an hour start ot finish including the bloodwork.  Compared to chemo—5 hours in the chair and 7-10 days of lousy afterwards—this is a walk in the park. Still, I keep forgetting I am in cancer treatment. It never feels real—I am sure that next Wednesday it will feel all too real when I wake after the surgery. But still even that I have an upside—1) I will be on my way to looking normal again. 2)I get to take good drugs for pain and 3)No one will hand me a newborn to take care of and feed.

See the upside—there is always an upside!

I am still walking baldheaded but it is covering up now…I think I will ultimately miss the ease of this hair non do. I can be out the door in 15 minutes and still shower before I go! My hair dries in an instant and I don’t need to spend money on products.

This weekend is the play---Can’t wait to see it but also can’t wait until I can relax as well. There are people calling me regarding all sorts of things and I just want to chill. I want a facial and a manicure and a pedicure. CP took me out last night to have a massage and foot treatment at this place in the TO mall and I really relaxed. I am a bit tense about the surgery but not too much. Just wonder what the outcome will be and wonder how long until I am up and around. I am planning on teaching the next week but we will see- I kind of have to as I am giving a final in Lit class.

Haven’t been able to get on the internet today. So I am writing this in a café while I have the most divine arugula goat cheese and parm salad and humus.

Heading back to the neighborhood for the tech rehersal.