The big day

here I am two months exactly after my last chemo. The day has come that I set as an end point to feeling like that and I am up and it is 4 am! I feel pretty good and will be ready when everyone gets here at 5 to go in the van to the walk. I am a little nervous about the logistics of it all. And how to keep a certain 8 year old occupied while we wait for the start time. We will see how it all susses out. I will have food that is for sure!
I hope everyone has a great day...we sure will as it is a completion of something--a completion of this part of my cure. I am still doing things toward that end but the chemo is done, the mastectomy is done and I am cancer free. What else matters? Life with my family and friends-that matters. Good life happy life and life feeling good.

One of my nearest and dearest is playing in a rally for the cure golf tournament in two weeks...she will be wearing her team L'Amour shirt. I am sending her a shirt and one for each of her two daughters as well...I am so honored she wanted to wear it!!! Now all I need is a few photos of the event!

The end of the school year seems to go faster and faster with all the last minute parties and tournaments, school parties, plays and assemblies, tomorrow will be a day of rest for me--at least until I go and see my fabulous mother...then we will sit by the pool and eat good food and celebrate with friends and family.

I will try and move slower this week and rest is important and mandatory that I stay well and rested before my next surgery...personally I am looking forward to about a week after it when I start to see change and start to feel like myself again.

Happy Mother's day to all the mother's who read this. I hope you all enjoy this weekend...

Sending prayers out to all who need them...