what is this--kept saying 62 when it was 42 days

anyway I have done 8 herceptins and have 10 to go---my team has raised just over 10,000.00 for the revlon runwalk! and I have been on Tamoxifin for 10 days---and all is a-ok! Today K spent the day doing her social studies faire project. I helped, walked the dog, swam with S, made dinner, signed s up for soccer and started packing K for her outdoor ed which starts this week. I visited several schools looking to the future and printed out large numbers of photos for the ss faire. Just a day as a mom. A successful day as a mom and everyone shared me well.

Now to keep up my walking and workouts for the walk and for the next surgery---as I learned the first time around it is vital to do pilates prior to the surgery so you can get out of bed without your hands!

Saw my surgeon again and I feel very positive that the outcome will be terrific. Can't wait to have all things in place so to speak but it will take two surgeries and some little adjustments to make it all work out again.

My best friend, A, is going to wear her Team L'Amour t-shirt when she is in a tournament raising money for Breast cancer where she lives. Can't wait to send it to her.

Just hope she sends me photos.
All is positive here in the mountains of So Cal. The oaks are pollinating , my roses are blooming and the green worm oak moth larva are coming down to eat the roses! Spring here in MN.