Tamoxifen--News from the front

Months ago when I began this journey I started meeting people with strong opinions on tamoxifen. These folks were usually scared and negative who felt free telling me horror stories about side effects. That is when I decided to not look up any side effects from anything on the internet. I refused to terrorize myself until there was a reason.

So here I am having finished my chemo...and 62 days out I needed to start this terrifying(according to some) drug. Well I started it on friday...And ...nothing--no big deal--take it take my allergy meds and take my vitamins. Nothing. I am fine...Tired from the weekend and being on the beach watching a beach soccer tournament. But nothing else exciting going on. Just one more thing I need to do.

I am so glad I don't listen to rumors and I am truly sorry for anyone to suffer. Did I mention these people who warned me off of it don't take it themselves? Just thought I would mention it.

Oh and herceptin number 8 is done.