counting the days

Really no really I am counting the days--days since chemo days til the walk days til the surgery.
Exciting days til K runs in the track semi finals in the 1200! That is on Sunday. Then a week later we walk then a week after that is the show at school--K is in it S is Asst Director.

I am doing hair and makeup and ??? Then it is off to surgery and recovery again.
I know I am cancer free but once in a while I get those fear things showing up. You know the "will it come back? Do I get to live to be really old?" I try to put them out of my mind and I do pretty well. Most of the time.

It seems I will again be teaching in the fall. So my goal is to finish the rewrite of my novel and finish my other novel by then. It is doable. I just have to do it!

The weight is coming off--I am now within 6 pounds of where I was before my diagnosis. It takes time for the chemo weight to leave but now it is and I am not very hungry so I am listening to my body.
Off to exercise so I can feel good for the rest of the day about how I did what I planned to do!