1/45 of my life ok 1/46 of my life since my birthday

i realized the other day that by the 1st anniversary of my mastectomy I will be done with chemo, done with surgery--my rebuilding will be in two stages but the second one will be done in sept or oct...and almost done with herceptin(that will end late nov/early december--which means all this will have happened in only 1/46 of my life. That made me feel better--of course I still have to be on tamoxifin but that will be only 5/51 of my life when it is all done. Really not a lot a 10th of my life on tamoxifin---Out of the life I have had and the life I plan to have it really isn't much time at all. It seems to be a huge amount of time when you are going through it because it overshadows everything.

As a result of this moment in time I have new friendships, new understanding, new compassion and new plans. New drive to finish what I start as well.

Happy Easter everyone--time to renew and be reborn!