Okay all of you who are walking!!!

I need a count for the tee-shirts! Some of you have said you will walk but until you sign up on revlonrunwalk and put in our team name---on your sign up page I don't have a count. I think I need the lead time to do the shirts so if you can do that or send an email to let me know that would be great!

Other than that I seem to be pulling past the worst of the after effects...still have until the 29th before I really start to move forward with the healing but I am concentrating on what I can do here and now. Just found out a friend is riding in a livestrong race in Colorado---It seems to be also in 2 months so I will keep him and his training in my prayers. That is a tremendous undertaking.
So here I sit S and C are asleep K is at a friend's house. I am thinking of going for a walk--maybe before everyone gets up--it will be my first--around the circle since chemo 6. Still very tired and going to sleep early but I get woken up by my stuffy nose which came with the first chemo and got worse --see you loose your nose hairs too and that complicates matters in a very strange and unexpected way!

Off to grab something to eat.