Can I enter a beauty contest?

So More magazine sponsors a model search for women over 40. this year they want you to throw in 150 words about why this is the best time in your life....Hmmm!

Okay so I am going to use you readers out there to brainstorm ---

It might go something like this...

Yes, that is my bald-headed self you are looking at. In the past year I have survived a breast cancer diagnosis, a double mastectomy, chemo and will be beginning reconstruction in May. WHy is this the best time of my life with all that going on you might ask? I have come to grips with what I truly believe about faith, family and motherhood. I have parented my children through this and they are thriving. I have volunteered at their school teaching Creative Writing and literature and my students are learning. My husband is amazing. We have been together for over 20 years married for over 19 and our marriage has only grown stronger in the face of this crisis. Though truthfully neither of us sees it as a crisis only a moment of growth. Coming to grips with my faith means to me that I trust my God to take care of me and guide me. I trust that God works through my doctors who have worked miracles on a daily basis during their careers. I hear a great deal about my terrific attitude which I owe in part to my husband whose faith in my has never wavered. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and I look at him and say, "Today I cried on the way home from the market feeling sorry for myself." He would look back and say, You're entitled too." Then he would give me a kiss or a hug or both and say, "All that matters is right here and now." That is the big lesson of all this: staying in the here and now, not worrying about the future but realizing that today is what matters and today the chemo is over, my hair is growing and I am cancer free.

What do you all think about that so far? I think I have to shorten it...I will...tomorrow.