To facebook or not to facebook that is the question

So now we have facebook families--mine is made up of friends I don't see frequently. it became a great place to gather for my senior class from high school. I have 77 friends---they are friends and my kid's friends and a few family members near and far. I haven't told them...I mean not as a whole "I had cancer" thing. So I wonder ---am I living a lie with them-?-sort of I guess--the ones who are really in my day to day life do know the story. But what would the others do with the info? Probably support me --send kind words and prayers...some might join the team for May 8th.

And how do I do it? I won't put a new profile photo but I could add a photo to my album page and place a link to this blog...When do I do it? Today? At the end? I am not ready for the world  to know---as LL's kid ---but then if I could help one person that would be good wouldn't it. I know there have been several women who made mammogram appointments as soon as they found out about me.

Okay I will dive in soon...And I will welcome them here when I do.