new news

Here is my life as it stands---right now--
I need to have two surgeries and a few touch ups to finish my reconstruction

-----they changed the school play to be on the day before and the day of the Revlon walk--a matinee and an evening performance
--------now the music teacher has decided to do wizard of oz with the 2nd grade(an in class sort of thing) but no one knows when--s is glinda the good witch
---------and I want to have and need to have the first surgery!
I refuse to worry so I am giving it to God as I write this

------and also my housekeeper who is amazing has been sick this whole week!
I promise I am trying to laugh and remove myself from controversy!

I feel very clear now on what needs to be done about my bosom which is good--along this path of mine the decisions were really easy and took care of themselves until this part---the reconstruction---without seeing me it is hard to describe but we need to do two things---

we need to build me an interior bra as my muscles are not really holding the expanders in place--they are dropping which causes a dent at the top--this needs to be done in a surgery by itself not because the surgery is big but because my body needs to heal before the final implants are put in--so I will heal over the summer.
then we need to have a surgery to put the implants in plus a few cosmetic touchups to make it look right.
--2010 is the rebuilding year for me and I am tethered here anyway because I still have to get herceptin through an iv until the end of november--

When I am done with the rebuilding I am running to Greece for the year to live on a boat with my family and a few goats--we will make cheese and sail the Aegean selling it--