In the trenches

So halfway is not all that easy some days---my rosacea is back in spades--thought that would be helped by the new medicine for it but ---NOPE! I get to be bald, heavy, twitchy eyelid and look like the devil. Yikes---But my energy is good. and I feel like doing stuff except I don't want anyone to see me! I am trying something new for it from my acupuncturist.  I am trying homeopathic belladonna and sulpher and alkaline water---I am working hard today so I can go back to teaching lit tomorrow. Skyping again but---I can't wait to be back in the classroom.

Next Monday will be chemo 4. I really can't wait. I am kind of excited about it--to get past the halfway mark will be great.

I am sussing my reconstruction options as well. I have some thing to find out more about so I am meeting with a colleague of my plastic surgeon in Feb. That will be interesting.

This point is hard--the novelty has worn off and I am trying to exercise and deal with my weight so at least I feel like I am not eating myself into trouble for later.

I thought you got skinny with cancer---so not my problem!