Whoops! forgot return is not really return on a computer--so I washed my  hair yesterday--clearly for the last time---I combed copious amounts of hair from my head--conditioned, gelled etc and got out of the shower. somewhere in the next 3 hours my hair matted--seriously matted like my dog! I have two fairly thick sections that feel almost like braids but are indeed just matted hair caught --frozen--kept from falling to the floor by my curls.

I want to shave my head so badly I can't stand it--but nobody is in until tomorrow--by tomorrow I may have no hair--and it itches and kinda hurts too. My brother offered to shave my head---I have put calls into various hair folk...we'll see. I will probably post a picture when I am bald--in and out of my wig...for now though...oy vey!