A night in a hat

Well I just spent my first night in a hat---It was okay--we are having a cold snap here. Yesterday it was 28 at 7:30 am...I will be wearing hats, scarves of or the wig no matter what.  Today I will go wigless---I have pt and acupuncture, a trip to the bank, some presents to buy--then I have to get the wig on and teach. After that I have a few hours to run around and pack for my next chemo which is tomorrow.
Good thing I get to take the steroids today--I may need them!

We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas last night as a family. I have been watching it every Christmas since I was little.
Well, wish me luck on my first bald outing--no hiding now. NowI am identified with those brave brave people who are going through or went through a similar time.