Here it is day 5 post chemo 2

I do feel better by day 5 but then I try to do things on that day---I shouldn't and next month I won't! I will kick back and write thank you notes on that day. Yesterday was hard---it seemed to drag by. Now here I am trying to fix the sound for my class on Wednesday. My tech guy is at school with Mrs. P and I am here waiting to see what happens.

I wore my "good Wig" for a bit today--have to say I think I prefer the all natural--it gets cold but I have more flexibility. Wonder what I will do on X-mas regarding that? Probably wear the wig--at least for part of the night. On Thursday we have the kid's x-mas program. They will probably want me to wear the wig that night. It is pretty comfy but I think I got a little bit of a fold in it so when I rested my head it wasn't comfortable...Things to learn.

Hope everyone is having a good day--I am off to lay down.