Can't sleep right now--I've been awake since 2 am-- i was thinking about hair--I have been blond red and brunette naturally and unnaturally. Soon I may be fairly bald. I have noticed the first signs. It started last evening. I have so much hair on my head you don't notice the beginning of the thinning. Still it is weird. I wasn't bald at birth so I have never been truly bald.I have had long hair, short hair and a strange version of a sheena easton style in the, of course, early 80's. Now I sit here wondering how brave I will be about this.
I can't imagine it at all. Really not one bit. I will wash my hair today, possibly for the last time while it is on my head. I will decide when I see how much comes out in the wash. My wig maker is going to make me extensions out of my own hair--he will shave my head and take the hair then. I am not ready to shave my head today. I want to keep this hair in place until it is too much for me emotionally --then shave I will.

I think I am sad about it. but mostly just weirded out by the thought. Bald, bald as a billiard ball. Chrome dome. what other terms are there?

Okay I am rambling but it is 4:30 am. My dog is still asleep.