Hair today gone tomorrow

Actually hair today gone today---CP and I are going to the wigmaster's place to wait until he can shave my head....Now things are just bazaar.  I have these two rasta dreadlocks and if I put wire in them I would look like a demented Pippi Longstocking. Now I am as ready as I will ever be todo this. I have several hats plus the wig plus the support of my family---glad it is not summer--I have to think of sun burn! But it is freezing...a lovely 32 degrees here at my house at 5:44--bet it was colder a few hours ago.

Older Daughter got a kick last night--she got to skype her friend for her birthday--her friend is in Rajasthan India. Pretty amazing when you can call the other side of the world for free!

I will probably post a pic---Don't know if I will take any during the process! Wonder what it will feel like...My plastic surgeon offered to do it yesterday with his sissors on his tiny swiss army knife. I declined! He really is full service...I think he would have done it however he could.

Have a good day today---I know I will!