Watch out for the blogs!!!

So I searched around and I really shouldn't have---Some of the cancer survivor blogs are real downers--i  mean, I know what I am doing, I know how this could go but I am determined to write my own story. If I have had cancer--so be it. I am fighting and I will not revel in the bliss of what ifs. I will rejoice in each and every day as I should but I will not dwell in the house of maybe or what if or I might not...Because I will. Really when you think about it how else could you do it? I would rather spend my time positive and it will all be fine(ing) then sit around with a passel of what ifs and toast marshmallows--I don't want to keep company with those thoughts. So I won't. Absolutely not!

It is a beautiful day and I took a walk and picked my kids up from school and now...Who knows what I will do between now and tomorrow!