So enough of this sitting around...

So after two days feeling like I went with the Marines I am getting up and out. I have a mass to attend and two quick doctor visits...a fill of the expanders and a blood test.
I realize I was a bit too fascinated with what would happen or might happen--so Now I will go on in spite of how I feel and see if I can make it to 7:30 without falling asleep. I just pass out then...So I am a bit achey but let's move on. My throat is weird but let's move on. I will take a shower and wash my hair and CP will drive me into my appointments.

I will accept and move past. I spent time doing a Science of Mind treatment on every part of my body and if I have to do that several times today to keep feeling good I will. As there is only complete wholeness and perfect function in my body and mind. But I really can't just sit around on my behind and not attempt what is my life...I promise I will rest and not overdo. Tomorrow is S's soccer party and I want to go. She doesn't mind if I wear a mask. Cool.

I am glad I have a week to plan my next Creative Writing class. I am going to make lunches for the girls and get going with the day.

And a big Thank you to everyone plus the Marines as our first campaign was a success.