In which I tell you how I feel!

 People have started asking me questions about specific side effects--I have refused to read about side effects until I have them so there is nothing negative in my head. So I try to tune out these questions-- I want a t-shirt that says, "I am not nauseous, I am not in pain, I am a mom of 2 so yes I am tired! Some people--usually strangers or people who don't know me very well--seem to be searching for the bad side of chemo--there is no bad side of chemo! It is not a walk in the park either. It simply is. And it simply is insurance that I live a very long and active and loving life.

I have cocancer friends--people going through it right now-- who think I am foolish for ignoring the info that is out there--I am crossing each bridge as I reach it...

I was never in pain except from tests and surgery. I was never in pain from the cancer. Unless I was pushing on the tumor. And why would I do that?

I have really good drugs which handle  most everything. the achy from the newlasta--which for some reason I don't consider as pain--but it is! That moves up the back from the hips and is gone by day 5

So here is my schedule as it seems to me...

Chemo day 1--feel fine--not even tired really--dry mouth--need water to swallow at dinner
day 2--a little mild stomach so they give me meds with the hydration and the newlasta
day 3--don't really want to get up--can read, watch tv, make myself food--love the heating pad as the newlasta gives me pain in the hips but really managable-asleep by 7--
day 4--more of the same--asleep by 7--mucositis starts--mouth is sore and raw--
day 5--ok--can run an errand or two--take a walk--make breakfast and lunch for the girls--asleep by 7:30--whoopee staying up late--face starts to break out with tiny pimples--
day 6 --still resting--can cook--take a walk--asleep by7:30
day 7--up and at 'em --run an errand, walk--pick the girls up at school--stay up until 8 or 9
day 8-back to somewhat normal life--still recovering from my surgery.

Today is day 11--I am doing well--plan to do yoga, pilates and walk--did 10 minutes on the elliptical yesterday and I will do it again. K is going to a friend's house around noon.