I have to say the women around me with cancer are such an example in how to live in general and how to live in the face of this disease-
Still wonder if they will open me up and go --WOOPS! close this girl we were wrong!
It sits in the back of my mind like a tiny present---
I am thrilled with my "team" 

the camaraderie of women is amazing--they are finding me and offering prayers and hope and positive thought---I can't have anything but positive thought and courage because of you and them. I am lucky---I may not feel that way friday night when I hurt but at least with the pain no one will be handing me a baby to take care of. I know that this is the right choice...some say pre cancer some say cancer but the doctors all say--take the breast off and they is no telling what is going on in the other. all my girl friends--say take both  --including  and especially the ones that have only removed one.