Hydration day

So here I am dripping again. I slept well last night--a little bit of the shakes from the steroids I think. had some weirdness with swallowing dinner--dry mouth kind of thing. No nausea to speak of so the drugs are working. I have finished my comments on my students latest work so we will drop those off at school on my way home.

I am handling the new routine--now we just have to see how each day goes and how I am affected between now and day 14. I will keep tabs on it here so I can see how to deal with my daily life. So far so good.

Love the port--no matter how whimpy  I was with it going in it is my gift. I don't have to feel anything I would without it.

I iced my fingers and toes during the T of the TCH--this seems to help with nail changes---So  I had icebags on my feet and held on with my hands. No big deal