Get busy day

So today I  went on our elliptical trainer for 10 minutes--baked cinnamon buns--played with my kids--brushed my dog's head--he's a big job so I am breaking it into pieces. Luckily we have friends coming by in a couple of hours because I think I am a bit stir crazy.  I paid my bills and critiqued 6 or 8 of the 16 short stories I need to have done by monday. Now I will go lie down for a bit of self imposed rest "just in case."

So I guess it is about a week before I am up to snuff again after chemo--I can do that. The Marines and I appreciate the rest. Now to find my own motivation to work on my book and all will be moving forward.

Christmas shopping---I need to do some of that too.
Between us I do keep feeling my head. I am curious as to when all that will start. Kind of want to get it over with--the waiting is ...well...waiting!

S created a wrap sandwich today--quite yummy. She also made up a game with soccer and kickball kind of mixed together. We played it earlier for a bit.

I like the long weekend! Can I have another?