day 6 take two

Got to watch out for my little finger--it still thinks this is a typewriter sometimes!  Yesterday was all about my insides--still rested a lot--and saw the future of boredom! I watched cooking shows and now I want to make all these really yummy things--wonder if the kids will eat them. Maybe I will make it a rule--"whatever mom learns how to make during chemo recovery you have to eat!" I know they will try a bite but to really eat a meal. Okay so my mouth needs to be ready to eat like that too.
I am going back to some of my vitamins today---I wanted to be really sure what if anything was upsetting my stomach.
And I took the ativan last night---that was a good thing--I didn't wake up for 6 hours and I had no nausea!
Wednesday mornings are when the girls and I go out for a muffin in town before we go to school. So that is the plan right now...Hope I can keep it. Probably wearing a mask. K will be mortified but that is that. If I go I wear one.
Thanksgiving dinner too---I need to dress to match my mask right? wish I had some red or black ones--I have green and blue---hmmmm! I can wear dressy jeans and a sweater>
What do you all think? Pull my hair back and wear lots of mascara like they do on all the hospital shows! Don't need to worry about lipstick...
I still have my hair...all of it---
One friend told me his wife didn't think she would lose it --it was hanging on well and sure enough by day 14 it was gone!
I think it will be a relief---in some ways--one less thing to worry about!

Excuse the really bad lighting--but as you can see I am still hanging in there--and it is no makeup and 6:13 am. Have a good day all!