day 4--really a sunday with no pressing need!

So I stayed in bed until 6---I feel asleep again around 7:30--but today I feel a bit more energized--I will walk a bit today to use up some of the stuff floating around my system. I feel okay--my hips still hurt a bit from the Newlasta--which builds up blood cells to keep me well. Nothing a bit of motrin won't help---Everyone is either asleep or occupied.. So all is quiet. I think I will go try the treadmill for a few minutes and see how that goes. I have a desire to get the stuff pumping through and as my face is still flushed from the steroids, a bit of a walk would help/

Thanks to everyone who is keeping me in their thoughts and prayers as it is obviously helping.
I still have my hair and my teeth don't feel so weird today.