almost done with chemo 1

Well, here I sit almost done with day one chemo--tonight I sleep at mom's and then back for hydration---they used my port! so nice not to be stuck in a vein! I have bought hats. read a magazine or three, chatted with folks and mom and Christopher, and it's almost over. Yippee! I can 't wait to go home and  relax and eat a good dinner. And I helped mom study the book for her written drivers test.

This is not as bad as I thought it would be. I will go one day at a time but really the marines are on the job and God is leading everyone including me. I had lovely nurses today. No private room but really I don't mind as it is fairly quiet. Need to go home and eat potassium rich foods.
My counts are good otherwise---I am no longer anemic which I was after the surgery...
I hope everyone is having a good day...I am